Queers In Engineering, Science, and Technology

Meeting Tuesday nights at 7:00 PM in WPH B27
Our first GM will be February 6th, 2024!

What is QuEST?

Queers in Engineering, Science, and Technology (QuEST) is the USC chapter of oSTEM, a national organization dedicated to uplifting and providing resources to all STEM-interested queer people.Are you in engineering? Great! Biological sciences major? Fantastic! A sociology major who's wondering if soft sciences are sciences too? You're valid! Soft sciences count too! Everyone is welcome to join- you don't have to be a STEM major, or even queer, to connect with us.
We are dedicated to supporting and uplifting all queer students- no matter what, you are welcome here :)
We host a mix of professional and social events every week, and have many more casual hangouts in between, so come hang out with us if you're interested in having a fun and supportive queer community on campus!

Want to join?

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Also, follow us on Instagram, hop on our Discord server, and join us on engageSC !